Sunday, November 4, 2012

Latest Pick Ups: Update

Boyfriend Jeans: The Loft // Booties: Sam Edelman 

Sorry for the shitty photos guys, I probably should start investing in a nicer camera. Anyways, wanted to play catch up since Hurricane Sandy took away my electricity for the past couple of days :/

Boyfriend Jeans: I'm use to wearing skinny jeans that makes my thighs looks slimmer and my butt look bigger so I knew finding the perfect boyfriend jeans was going to be difficult. The Loft boyfriend jeans are the best I've ever tried on because 1) it's the perfect "used" denim color and 2) they're more on the baggier side.

Tip for boyfriend jeans - Make sure they are baggy! If they're just a little loose, they'll look like straight leg/you don't know how to flatter your body/ mom jeans.

Booties: Now onto my B-E-A-utiful Sam Edelman booties. My boyfriend and I went into the new Sam Edelman store in SoHo and I immediately fell in love with these booties. As I was trying them on, a woman kept complimenting on how cute they looked on me. The next thing I know, her husband started telling me more about the booties and another pair of shoes I was trying on. Turns out it was Mr. Edelman himself!!! So of course, if Mr. Edelman approved, I HAD to buy them.

Not only are they the perfect winter "statement" boot but they're very comfortable and easy to walk in. Trust me, I walked 30 blocks in these bad boys... in pitch black and in the freezing cold! DAMN YOU SANDY!

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