Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 Varsity Jacket: Forever21 / Scarf: Gap (similar) / Shirt: Zara / Pants: Zara (similar) / Shoes: Zara (similar) / Purse: Street Level (similar)

I've been searching for the perfect black purse and I finally found it at a cute little boutique in the L.E.S! Although it isn't my dream bag, I instantly fell in love with the design and texture of the purse! 

What do you think makes a perfect purse? Well, living on a budget, here's what I was looking for: 
1) Versatility -  Ability to wear the purse in any type of occasion or outfit
2) Affordable price - Under $100
3) Classic  - Purse has to be in style for at least 5-7 years
4) Size - I hate big purses, so I wanted a purse that can hold the essential items (iPhone, lip gloss, wallet, female products, etc.) plus a little more

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