Friday, February 8, 2013

Restaurant Review: Meatball Shop

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If you want a great meal for a cheap buy or maybe you’re just a meatball enthusiast, stop by at The Meat Ball Shop!

Located in the Lower East Side, Brooklyn and West Village, this cozy hip-hop playing restaurant has built a menu solely based around meatballs. Although the menu may seem very limited, customers have full control in customizing their whole meal from the type of meat, sauce, pasta, hero, sides and more!  

The most popular dish to order, which is also my favorite dish, is The Meatball Smash with classic beef or chicken meatballs, parmesan cream sauce and mozzarella cheese.  If you’re a health nut, this meal may sound pretty unhealthy but most of the dishes come with a side order of delicious salad with thin apple slices. I think the salad justifies eating here every now and then :).  

So if you’re a tourist, local, food critic or just hung over, The Meatball Shop is definitely the place to check out! 

Tip: Be sure to order the family jewels! 

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