Friday, May 10, 2013

FRANK151 - Chapter 51: Leaders Panel Discussion

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"My friends always used to call me a dreamer, but I made it happen over the years and I'm not even at my pinnacle yet." - Nicky Diamonds

"I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough, which probably pushes me to be successful."Va$htie

Frank151held a guest panel last night at Barnes & Nobles to celebrate their Chapter51 minibook, entitled “Leaders.” The quartly publication created Chapter51 to serve as the unofficial guidebook for individuals looking for motivation, featuring success stories from some of the top influencers. 

The panel consisted of three amazing leaders: Nick Diamond (the founder of the street wear line Diamond, Va$htie (stylist/model/director) and FRANK151's founder Stephen Malbon.

After the panel, I had the honor of meeting my idol Va$htie, entrepreneur, model, director, promoter, designer and more. Va$htie’s resume is so impressive it almost seems unrealistic. 

Humble and genuine, Va$htie, lives up to her “Downtowns sweetheart” nickname. She patiently met all of her fan, answered questions and gave helpful advice on how they can live and succeed in their dreams.

There’s a saying here that it takes two years for New York to open up to a N.Y transplant like me. This is very true! It's difficult to meet and network a diverse group of people, especially outside of your work industry. 

 Va$htie has worked with some of the hottest brands and celebrities in every industry. Through her great networking skills, she's had the opportunity to work with Stussy, Nike, Justin Beiber, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and more.  I knew she would be the perfect person to give advice on networking into other industries (since majority of my networks are within the social/mobile/digital industry). She gave me great advice, however it requires starting from the bottom. Of course, many of us hate the fact that we have to take 5 steps backwards but it seems like many of the great influencers had taken this path to get where they’re at today. I’m definitely going to take her advice very seriously. 

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend buying a copy of Frank151 “Leaders” minibook (for only $10.00). The book is very inspirational, full of great advice and stories.


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