Monday, May 13, 2013

Graphic Tee

Y.U.P Fashion
Top: Top Shop (similar) // Pants: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Booties: Sam Edelman (similar) // Flannel: Walmart (similar) // Earrings: Brooklyn Street Vendor (similar) // Bracelet: Soho Street Vendor (similar)

This past Saturday, I went to Melody Ehsani (jewelry, footwear and accessories designer) and Nuvo's pop-up nail bar in Soho. Since the weather in New York was super hot, humid and rainy, I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and cool (temperature wise).  Also, I wanted to play on the "punk/grunge" look while making it more of my own/street style.

Be sure to check tomorrows post to learn more about the Ms. Melody Ehsani and the Nuvo nail bar event!!

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