Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Y.U.P Fashion
Numbers Tee - DIY // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Keds (similar) // Purse: Thrifted // Bracelet: Soho Street Vendor (similar) // Stackable Rings: Forever21 // Earrings: Brooklyn Street Vendor (similar)

Two things that I love about this outfit.  1) I finally wore my DIY numbers tee and 2) My purse only cost $1! Deals right?!  Bryce and I were strolling around Brooklyn when we stumbled upon a street vendor who was selling jackets, shoes and purses for only a $1. I was skeptical at first but she told me that all items were donated from friends/family to raise money for a school in Haiti that her and her friends are sponsoring. Not only was this purse being sold at a great price but it was for a great cause.  This was by far my best purchase in New York! 



  1. Love the Numbers tee! I didn't realize it was such a trend until after I bought mine from F21. BTW - love the blog. I think you're a friend of my friend, Carissa! haha

    I'm planning on moving to NYC as well sometime early next year. Perhaps we can meet up and collab one of these days. :)

    <3 Esther

    1. Thanks for showing some love! And what a small world that you know Carissa! She's like a sister to me!

      We should definitely hang out when you move to NYC and collaborate sometime!!

    2. Haha such a small world!

      Let's def hang out and collab when I'm there! :)

    3. I also don't know why I don't get a notification when you reply to my comment. Do you know how to fix this lol

  2. I think its great that Keds came back. Very nostalgic for me! :)

    Great outfit. Have a great weekend!



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