Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Color Me Pretty

Y.U.P Fashion
One of my "Alana 2.0" goals is to keep my nails looking fresh. I've always been that girl who never painted her nails or if they were painted, I would leave them on until the polish chipped off. Obviously, nails are not my forte but I'm working on it. Even though maintaining nails is super tedious and a pain in the ass, I love how colored fingertips are the hottest/newest accessory trend. Today, nails are just as important as jewelry because it can easily enhance and transform any look.  

Now I'm on the hunt for new colors and lately I've been really into dark shades -- oxbloods, midnight blues, forest green etc. -- because I personally think it looks great against my complexion and also because it's fall :). Check out some of my favorite colors that I want to add to my collection and see for yourself why they made my "Color Me Pretty" list: 


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