Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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Forgot to post but last weekend I went to the Members event in Brooklyn to support my friend, Taku, and his clothing line launch party. Taku works at this dope Japanese restaurant across the street from our apartment and my roommates and I have developed a really close friendship with him, aka we're at the restaurant once a week. 

Taku recently moved from Japan to New York to get into the fashion industry and start his own clothing line. I've known Taku for almost a year now and it's amazing to watch him turn his dream into reality. Him and his partner's line, ANTU, has taken basic items and made them unique to the brand, i.e velvet button-ups, customized bucket hats and customized jeweled lighter necklaces.

The event was intimate and authentic, showcasing a handful of local and talented artist ranging from clothing brands to nail designers.

Be sure to support checkout and follow ANTU.

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  1. How lovely I sure do hope that his dream will come true and that his collections will be showcased on catwalks all over the world :)

    Other than that, the event seemed to be so awesome. I sometimes wish that I lived close by events like these, nothing happens in my area fashion related!



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