Monday, October 7, 2013


Y.U.P Fashion

Now that I'm working at Conde Nast, I feel like I have to step my fashion game up. Baggy t-shirts, crop tops and messy buns will always have my heart but I think it's time to retire sneakers for heels. OK, I'm not going to completely stop buying shoes but I'm definitely going to start dressing more like a young urban professional.

I originally started this blog to help me explore dressing more business casual but obviously I didn't go that route. Instead, this blog turned into a diary, documenting my N.Y lifestyle and how I found my own fashion sense. A year later (happy be-lated YUP NYC), I'm back where I started. Expect a new and improve me! Don't worry, I promise to stay true to myself and still rock my sneakers :)

My new look, aka Alana 2.0, will be chic, rebellious, effortless and street. I want to create outfits that express my personality by mixing and matching conventional "office wear" pieces (i.e blazers and slacks) with graphic tees, printed pants and statement necklaces.

I know this process of refining my wardrobe will take along time and a lot of inspiration. With that said, check out a few of my fashion icons -- Olivia Palermo, Solange, Miroslava Duma and Ashley Madekwe -- and see how they made my workspiration list.

Who's on yours list and what makes them your workspirations?


  1. I love these ladies styles :) Thank you for sharing!



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