Tuesday, February 25, 2014



#smh #yolo #latergram #regram #wcw #lol #fbf #tbt #winning...We're all guilty of using and abusing hashtags. If you follow me on Instagram, you all know I hashtag the shit out of my photos only because it's a great way to get more followers. This new form of social media language has inspired me to incorporate the catchy hashtag phrases on YUPNYC.


First, let me give you the skinny on the infamous hashtag. What started off as a simple pound sign is now a social phenomenon. Thanks to Twitter, many social platforms have adopted the hashtag model, causing a hashtag generation (a.k.a us). For all of you who are not familiar with the "#", it is a metadata tag that is used to collectively gather and group messages by filtering keywords or specific topics. The art of hashtagging has evolved over time and now it's most popularly used to add humorous narrative — which is why I've started to incorporate hashtags on my blog.

I view hashtags as silent thoughts that aren't meant to be spoken in real life. Kind of like when your friend makes you food and you tell them that it's delicious but you're really thinking #ew #wtf #iwishigotmcdonalds #chefboyohno. So, I'm not adding hashtags to get trending posts (however, I wouldn't mind) but I'm doing it to summarize my inner voice, add funny side notes/statements and because it's so ridiculous that it's hilarious. Can't I have some fun with my blog?!

Now to make us all feel stupid for using hashtags, here's Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill with #Hashtag2:


#happy #hashtagging!!

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