Sunday, February 9, 2014

iPhone Diary - 7: Super Bowl Edition


I know I'm a week late but after the long Super Bowl weekend and celebrating the big win,  I caught the flu and became bedridden for a whole week :(.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate the Super Bowl. Friends from Seattle along with thousands of 12th man fans traveled from the rainy city to N.Y. to support the Seahawks. From Thursday to Sunday, I showed my pride by wearing blue, green and silver (yes...I wore the same jersey three days in a row. Don't judge me), attempted to participate in all Super Bowl related events and roamed the city chanting "GO.....SEAHAWKS!" I felt like I was 21 again. Maybe that's why I got so sick?

(from left to right)

1) My Super Bowl weekend outfit 
2) Seattle taking over N.Y.C. 
3) Exploring the Super Bowl Boulevard which was also the worst idea ever
4) Posing as if I conquered the boulevard
5) Game day!
6) Turnt up for the big game at the Seahawks' Bar
7) Skittles everywhere
8) Literally, there were Skittles everywhere because Skittles stopped by to pass out Skittles (how many times am I aloud to say Skittles?)
9) Playing 'Guess the Flavor'. I challenge you to try this. It's not as easy as it seems
10) No shame in my game...Wore my jersey to the club
11) Obligatory Super Bowl selfie 
12) My roomie and I parading the streets after the big Super Bowl win and singing Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" 


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