Monday, March 3, 2014

Mayer Hawthorne X Quadron Concert

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If you haven't heard of Mayer Hawthorne and Quadron, then you are missing out!

Last Thursday, I braced the cold weather to watch the two vocal power houses perform an AH-mazing concert at Webster Hall.

Pre Mayer Hawthorne and Quadron, DJ Kurse set the tone for the concert by spinning old school soul, r&b and hip hop jams ranging from The Gap band to Zhane'. It felt so good to take a break from top 40 song or the never ending boom-ch boom-ch boom-ch from house music.

Next was the performance that I've been waiting for…Quadron! The lead singer, Coco O, two stepped her way on stage dressed in an all black strapless sequin/glittery one piece. It was obvious that majority of the crowd wasn't familiar with the Danish group, but once Coco O started singing "LFT", it was impossible to take your eyes off her. The audience grooved and danced to the beat of their songs but it was Quadron's cover to Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" that won them over. The crowd showed their love for Coco O's soulful and passionate vocal performance with "oooohs", "ahhhhs" and "yyyaaaassss". It would have made L Boogie proud. 

Slowly, but surely, bodies started to fill the venue as the stage was transitioning over to the set of Mayer Hawthorne. A white door with a neon broken heart was planted in the center of the stage surrounded by colorful beaming lights. Dressed in a suit and sneakers, Mayer Hawthorne walked through the white door and started the the night off with "Back Seat Lover". His voice was flawless. I couldn't believe he sounded so good live. However, his dance moves were questionable. Mayer Hawthorne stiffly grapevine/"Electric Slide" stage left and stage right during every which looked super awkward. Sorry Mayer!

All in all, Quadron and Mayer Hawthorne proved that they are solid live performers. Their voices were impeccable, their stage presence moved the crowd and they both know how to put on an amazing show. 

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