Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dressing It Up

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Dressing up for work has been a struggle because I never know what kind of mood mother nature is going to be in. One day it's hot and humid the next day it's cold and rainy. Since we're in this weird autumn/spring weather funk, I haven't been tempted to shop because I don't know what to shop for. Do I move forward and buy summer clothes? But what if it's 60 degrees and raining next week? Should I just wait until the weather is consistently in the high 70s? These are first world problems we have to think about people!! (I kid I kid).

With that being said, on nice days I find myself fishing in my closet and trying to find something "springy" to wear to work. Of course, I have nothing (again, first world problems) so one day I ended up tossing on my Adidas cropped top that I wore to Coachella and throwing on a skirt to dress it up. I'm not sure if there's some secret blogging rule where you're not suppose to post the same shirt within a two month span but m'en fous

Jacket: Topshop (similar) // Shirt: Adidas // Skirt: Zara (similar) // Heels: Zara // Purse: Vintage (similar) // Necklace: Zara (similar) 

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