Monday, August 18, 2014

iPhone Diaries


My July/August iPhone roundup. Enjoy :) 

(from left to right)
1) Street art near the pier
2) Wedding favors—ube cake pop (it was ah-maz-ing) 
3) Roaming the streets of the LES before boozie brunching 
4) If you haven't noticed, I love hearts 
5) Bryce's b-day celebration at Sons of Essex 
6) Andy Warhol pop art
7) Citi biking with the best
8) Shameless selfie at the Whitney Museum of Arts
9) He's not the sharing type of dog
10) BBQ/picnic with the homies in Brooklyn
11) Crazy for Koons at the Jeff Koons exhibit
12) Dinner on Orchard
13) My good-bye BRIDES cake pops (thank you Samara!)
14) My BRIDES All Access Instagram takeover
15) Morning run on the pier
16) Sweet treats at Brooklyn Bridge park
17) Team bonding/boozing
18) Hello Kitty + pen pouch + candle + El Rey water thermos = my new desk top essentials  


  1. Omgosh is that your dog?? Sooo cute!!!! <3


    1. Hehehe yup that's my little baby!

    2. I looveeeee!! I wonder if our babies would get along hehehe. I have three now (2 are my bfs but they are all siblings now hehehe)!!

  2. Love, love these snaps -- so jealous you live in NY! X

    1. Thanks girl! You definitely need to visit NY, it's such an inspirational city!


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