Thursday, September 11, 2014

They're "Just Like Us": Anna Wintour


She's just like us! Besides the fact that her hair is perfectly frizzless, she doesn't wear head-to-toe black, she receives flowers from Oscar de la Renta, and she gets Chanel sunglasses handed to her in a silver platter...she really is like us!

Ok, so maybe she's not quite like us but this video definitely makes Anna Wintour feel more relatable, accessible, and kind of down-to-earth. Watch Anne answer 73 questions (in pure perfection) and get a small glimpse into the life of the most powerful person in fashion, while taking a rare tour inside Vogue.

Looks like Anna and I have a couple of things in common: 1) we can't sing and 2) we both want to visit India. Two is better than none!

Oh, and that whole flip phone thing...I'm 90% sure that's her humor (or in her words, humour) talking. Let's just say I've bumped into her one-to-many times at Conde Nast and she's always on her phone, and it is NOT a flip phone. Perhaps it was her work phone? And to answer your questions: yes, she really does wear her sunglasses in the building and yes, her hair is absolutely perfect!  

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