Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What’s Your Fashion-Blogger Name?


Every person on social media knows that the most important aspect of creating an account is your name. Whether it’s Instagram or a blog, your name reflects your personality, establishes who you are in the social media world, and it can make or break a first impression … or should I say follower. I cringe to even think of the time when I made not-so-catchy AIM/AOL names back in the day.  Let’s just say I thought it was cool to use numbers to create letters (I3 = B) and removed vowels to shorten words. At least I can blame it on my young age. 

When brainstorming names for my blog, I took it very seriously because I felt like I was reinventing myself. I wanted a name that’s catchy, short but sweet, and something that will replace my birth name. I mean, when you see a blogger, do you really refer to them in their real names? Raise your hand if you know Brooklyn Blonde’s or Song of Style’s real name? Exactly.

Well for you aspiring bloggers or current bloggers—or people who just want to have fun—struggle no more with finding the perfect name, The Cut is here to the rescue! The Cut created this handy name generator that will create weird, unique/nonsense couplings of edibles and garment names. According to The Cut, my fashion-blogger name is Fashion Taco. Is it because of my last name?! 

Try it here and share your fashion-blogger name! 


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