Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello Blondie


Goodbye my fellow black/brunettes and see you later natural hair because I am now officially a blonde. 

I'm not sure if I was having a basic bitch moment or a quarter-life crisis but I was feeling very "blah" for a really long time. At first I was blaming it on my "I need a tan" skin tone, then I moved on to "I need a new wardrobe." For the longest time, it just wasn't clicking until one day I was taking photos for my blog and that's when it hit me, my hair needed a makeover.

Call me lazy, low maintenance, or broke, but before I went to the dark side (or should I say light) I didn't cut, trim, or color my hair in over a year. I've been debating on dying my hair blonde for the longest time but I didn't think it would go well with my skin tone. After consulting with my hairstylist for over a year, he finally convinced me to not only dye my hair much lighter but to chop it all off. 

It's kind of funny how we have this emotional connection to our hair. If you asked Alana circa 2012 if she would ever chop her hair off, her answer would be "hell no." I use to love the way my long hair framed my face, making me look thinner (the placebo effect), and I thought it made me look sexier. My big, long, wavy hair was my signature trait and it gave me more confidence in myself — how could I ever depart from my Rapunzel locks?! 

Two years later, I finally said "F*ck it, cut it off ... Mulan-style"— ok I didn't say Mulan-style but that's what it felt like! It was so liberating and exciting. Chopping my hair was sort of like a cleanse. I felt like a brand new, edgier, fiercer, and fresher me! It makes me wonder how I lasted so long with long, dried, and tangled hair. Besides the fact that I'm feeling brand new, I love how my hair dries and styles faster, saving me a ton of time in the mornings. Maybe I was having more of a lazy bitch problem than a basic bitch? Oh well, either way I'm short hair all the way! 

Boyfriend Jacket:  Zara (similar)
Shirt: Zara (similar) 
Pants: Zara (similar) 
Shoes: C. Wonder
Hat: Topshop 
Necklace: Gifted (similar)
Ear Cuff: Baublebar

similar items:


  1. Love the outfit!

  2. You look soooo good with short, blonde hair Alana! And you're so brave for making such a drastic change! I've always wanted to do something different with my hair but I have no idea what and I'm too scared! Anywho, love this street style look with the denim, leather, burgundy sneakers combo!


  3. Gorgeous look! So chic and stylish, I fell in love with those slip-ons! You look so beautiful with new hairstyle!

  4. you look cool, enjoy your blonde hair!
    It's often said that blondes have more fun

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really starting to think that blondes really do lol!

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  6. Love the outfit and fab hair!! I never thought that I would cut my hair short but I did and now I've been keeping it short for awhile now (off and on since 2009). Having short hair, I agree, is a bit edgier!

    1. It's such a change isn't it?! I love the way it just perfectly falls into place. Who knows, maybe I'll go even shorter lol.

  7. You're a total babe as a blonde! Love the casual + cool vibe of this look. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

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