Monday, February 23, 2015

The Air Jordan Exhibit


To all of my East Coasters out there ... Raise your hand if you’re having cabin fever. Because I sure do! As much as I hate the cold and snow, what I hate even more is being in my little apartment for more than two days straight. There’s a reason why New York apartments are so small and it’s to get people out of their apartments to start living and experience life! 

So now that you all know that I’ve become one of those crazy girls trekking through the snow and trying to find things to do, last Sunday I tortured myself by walking through the windy 3 degree weather to check out the Air Jordan exhibit — but of course it was all worth it.

 In honor of Air Jordan’s 30th anniversary and the NBA All-Star Weekend, the brand partnered with AKQA to created an interactive digital experience for its #WeAreJordan campaign. Fans were able to access and read the history/design of each shoe in the collection, view artwork, and experience a LED half-court and slam-drunk trial — giving everyone the opportunity to release their inner Michael Jordan. 

Like any NY event, there were obnoxiously long lines so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to experience the interactive installations. But I must say, the half-court and slam dunk trial was a great people watching feature.  


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