Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brunchin' with: Vashtie Kola


Fictional post featuring outfits that are inspired by today’s fashion icons. 

DJ, model, music video director, filmmaker, artist, designer, and not to mention the first female to collaborate with the Jordan brand ... it's no wonder why Vashtie would be my next brunch guest!

Vashtie shows that hard work pays off, especially when you're well dressed. She has been featured in countless magazines for being a renaissance woman and for her unique tomboy style. What I love most about "downtown's sweetheart" is how she stays true to herself—no matter how girly the outfits are, she always incorporates her streetwear swag. 

If Vashtie and I were to grab a bite to eat, I would love to take her to a vegan/raw brunch spot but because I'm a meat lovin' queen, I have no vegan restaurants in mind (sorry miss Kola). Instead, I would take her to Beauty and Essex, a restaurant that's as hip and "humble" as she is. Now, I say humble with quotation marks because this trendy restaurant is hidden behind a fully functioning pawnshop. Tourist would never expect to see a peacock-themed grand dining room, a massive two-story crystal chandelier, and a pearl lounge past the pawnshop doors. When I think about it, Beauty and Essex is the perfect metaphor for Vashtie—mysterious, low key, and modest from the outside but impressive, dope, and so f*ckin' cool in the inside. 

I would like to think Vashtie and I follow the same style rules: 1)baggier is better, 2)sporty is the way to go, and 3)comfort over beauty. For our fictional brunch date, I would keep those rules in mind and assemble a look that's true to myself. I would also make sure to include pieces that portray my artistic and fashionable personality with classic and swanky accessories.


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