Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Style: Skirts & Sneakers


I'm loving that sneakers are having a major moment in fashion right now and I love even more that people are finally accepting the sporty casual look. When I started wearing skirts with sneaker a couple of years ago, people would always comment "take your heels out of your bag," followed by a is she really going to wear that look. Now a days, you can literally wear them with anything and you'll be seen as fashion froward. Funny how that works. Once it's featured in Lucky Magazine or Vogue, it's all a the sudden this edgy trend. Well ... I ain't mad at it! 

So, thank you Anna Wintour and Eva Chen fashion gods for finally giving sneakers the attention they deserve!

Wearing: American Apparel Tank (similar) | Zara Skirt (similar) | Nike Shoes (similar) | Forever21 Hat  

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  1. Right!! I feel exactly what your saying everytime I try something new and be creative people are always like what the what??? But then when major publications or once things finally hit the runways everybody is like omg!! Lol but loving the look.

    1. Riiight?? So annoying!! Sheeiiit I guess we're just trendsetters lol!

  2. Love this combo - I'm all about wearing sneakers whenever I can :)
    Alexander @ Mr Essentialist


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