Friday, October 16, 2015

Style: Style Reinvention with Menswear – Part 1


A couple of days ago, got in touch with me about their Style Reinvention contest. Bloggers are asked to style an outfit using items from the menswear category and to style it into a feminine outfit. One clothing item from the women’s department can be used complete the look. Considering the fact that majority of my clothes are from the men’s section and I’m always raiding my boyfriend’s closet, it was a no brainier that I would partake in this masculine-fem. style challenge!

I wanted to create two looks for this contest: 1) a dressy and more feminine outfit and 2) a masculine ensemble that can be worn by most New York women. Today, we’ll be focusing on the more feminine attire.

I think there’s something sexy when women wear baggier clothes — the way clothes drapes on a women’s body gives a flirty, yet mysterious look. To create this style, I paired a cream ribbed rolled sweater with black drop-crotch pants. I know the Biebs ruined drop-crotch pants for everyone but trust me, these pants will give you a model-esque and cool girl vibe without even trying. Plus, they’re SUPER comfy!

Since drop-crotch (a.k.a harem) pants can make a person to appear much shorter, I paired the outfit with black leather heels. An oversized coat is the perfect piece to add structure plus, you can wear it on your shoulders as a chic cape. Last but not least, I added a few key accessories to complete the look: a cute pin to embellish the sweater, an elegant watch to show some class, a statement bag to showcase that you’re a true fashionista, and a cool iPhone case and key holder that screams “yeah I’m pretty damn cool.”

Outfit Details: 
1. Oversized Structured Coat
2. Paris Key Ring
3. Black Calf Sandals (Women's)
4. Ribbed Roll Neck Sweater
5. Eighties Pin
6. Drop-crotch Tailored Trousers
7. Rottweiler iPhone 6 Case
8. Saxon Watch
9. Bag Bugs Shopper Tote


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