Friday, December 4, 2015

Event & Style: NYC’s Secret Holiday Cocktail Soiree: What To Expect and What To Wear


Remember back in August, that magical Secret Summer event that I had the pleasure of attending? Well, it’s back but in the form of Gimme Joy, an exclusive and immersive holiday cocktail party! Raft Affairs and High Life Production have teamed up to bring the naughty to your nice with this chic winter affair. You’ll be able to sip on farm-to-bar holiday beverages while enjoying Seussian Christmas visuals — all held in a unique artist loft in The Lower East Side on December 19th. 

Event Details:
Date: Saturday 12/19
Press Hour: 8pm-9pm
Event Time: 9pm-2am
Address: GimmeJoy, 277 Grand Street , 3rd Floor, NYC NY 10002

Act fast because tickets are running out! For more information and to purchase a ticket, visit

Now that you got the skinny, let’s talk about the most important detail about this soiree … your #OOTN! This swanky holiday party calls for a chic and effortlessly cool outfit. I mean, it's in the Lower East Side. You gotta look C-O-O-L. 

Rather than competing with the crowd (the event will probably be filled with fashionistas and influencers), go for more of a subtle look. You may not feel like you’re making a statement but being minimal is the ultimate cool girl look. You'll give off the impression that you're a veteran at these exclusive events and you have many more to attend to … aka it makes you look dope cool.
Keep warm with a light jacket. I know, ironic isn’t? Remember, you’re going to be in a loft with dozens of people, so you don’t want to take a lot of real estate.

Now this is where you make a statement. Find a pair of great and comfortable heels. Show your holiday spirit by finding shoes with jeweled or metallic accents.
Last but not least, find a clutch that’s chic and big enough to hold all of your belongings — don’t be that girl with the little clutch who’s holding her cell phone. This is a great piece to have fun and experiment with. Go for something bold, funky, and exciting!


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