Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Style: Bags, Purses, Clutches and Thangs — A Worthy Investment


It's a new year, so why not buy a new bag?! 

If you're like me, spending a significant amount of money on one item seems pretty ri-dic-u-lous. BUT, if it's a bag ... it's an exception. Let me break it down for you.

Bags and everything under that category (purses, clutches, etc.) are status symbols and can separate you from a struggling college student to a responsible, miss (or mister) independent adult (zig zag snap). Just think of it as an investment. Not only are majority of high-priced bags made well, but the price will eventually become more reasonable because if taken care of properly, they're designed to last a lifetime. So say good-bye to the normal wear and tear and hello to your little new friend.

If you decide to invest in yourself a bag, check out my 4 bag commandments that may help you on your big purchase: 

  • Thou shalt not judge a bag by it's name: Do not purchase a bag based off its brand name. BIG MISTAKE. There are a lot of under the radar brands/designers who make great, stylish, and functional purses.
  • Thou shalt purchase a versatile bag: Make sure you're able to wear it in all types of occasions. You spent an arm and a leg, so you better be able to wear it more than once.
  • Thou shalt be cautious on the design of the bag: Make sure the bag is secured and can close easily. This may be the New Yorker in me, but pick pocketers are real. The last think you want to do is to send out an open invitation for your phone and wallet to be stolen.
  • Honor Thy Bag: The most important commandant of them all, take care of your purchase! Clean it out, store it in a safe environment, keep away from your pets, and do whatever it takes to keep the longevity of your investment.

    To jump kick your new venture, I've curated a handful of cute bags from one of my favorite retailers, Which ones are your favorite?

    1. Valentino Garavani - B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag
    2. Stella McCartney - Beckett Aplliqué Clutch
    3. Anya Hindmarch - All Over Stickers Bag 
    4. Givenchy - Peacock Feather Print Clutch
    5. Rocio - Rio Clutch 
    6. Alexander Wang - Mini Prisma Envelope Bag
    7. Jimmy Choo - Locket Shoulder Bag
    8. MM6 Maison Margiela - Elissa Clutch
    9. Stella McCartney - Falabella Fringed Bucket Bag


    1. I am a fan of invest pieces, especially when you will have and treasure them for a very long time! This goes for a bag on occasion. To me I love my bargains but I do spend a bit more on a bag I know I can wear with everything in my wardrobe. This was a very lovely and inspiring post. :-) xx

    2. Love these bags !! :O


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