Monday, June 27, 2016

Icon: Remembering Bill Cunningham


Last Saturday, we lost one of the greatest mavericks in the fashion industry ­— Bill Cunningham. Known for his blue French workman’s jacket, Cunningham’s keen eye has defined fashion trends and inspired the art of street-style photography.

I’ll never forget the first time I encountered Bill Cunningham. Within the crowd of fashion’s elite, I spotted his iconic jacket as I was leaving the Skylight Clarkson Square for NYFW: Men’s. It was a very surreal moment because to me, he was equivalent to a mythical creature. I guess I expected him to be part of fashion’s elite versus standing behind the velvet ropes and observing them.

As any fan would do, I asked Bill to take a photo with me and instead of the usually celebrity response of “ok”, he shooed and cursed at me, “get the fuck out of my way I’m working!” Don’t mix his behavior for being rude. Bill was devoted to fashion and took his job seriously. In a time where “influencers” rule the world and people are crowned as social media stars, Bill didn’t let his celebrity status affect his work or get to his ego.

With a cane in one hand and his camera in the other, Cunningham proves that your passion lives on forever.

#RIP to the legendary Bill Cunningham. Your legacy and photos will live on forever.


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