Thursday, July 21, 2016

News: The Cat is Out Of The Bag – Beyonce Reveals the Secrets to Her Formation World Tour


Ladies and gentlemen, get your pens or iPhone's ready and start taking notes because Beyonce just released a behind-the-scenes video of The Formation World Tour’s wardrobe! Dream come true right?

 After watching Queen Bey’s Formation music video, Super Bowl performance, and attending her latest tour, I was like everyone else in saying “I’m totally going to wear that for Halloween.” How could you not?! The oversize brimmed hats and stunning one pieces are sure to transform anyone into Beyonce ... or feel like you're Beyonce for one night.

Well lucky for us, the secret is out — costume designer Marni Senofonte gives us a rare look into the making of the elaborate wardrobe for Beyonce’s latest tour. From Beyonce’s red latex one piece to the intricate and customized fishnets to perfectly match each dancer’s skin tone, the video showcases how detailed and tedious the process was — and not to mention exclusive. Beyonce and her stylist reached out to the world’s most in-demand designers to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable wardrobe.

 Check out the video and I promise you, you will be dying your fishnet tights in a crock pot soon enough.


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