Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fashion: Meet the Muse - Ikea


Ikea. The home decor store that 20-somethings love. The easy to assemble furniture that most boyfriends hate. The worst place for couples — where one pillow can make or break your relationship. Ikea meatballs ... enough said.

Over the years, Ikea and its countless supply of furniture has inspired a generation of self proclaimed interior designers, but who would have thought that fashion's latest muse would be Ikea's classic blue shopping bag? Guess us New Yorker's can finally carry our laundry in a more fashionable, $2,145 Balenciaga knock-off rather than Ikea's $.99 Frakta bag.

The Frakta bag has sparked a huge craze in the fashion industry. From face masks to speed trainers, the synthetic tote has inspired designers to create unique high fashion and ready-to-wear items that people can't get enough of.

While I'm loving this episode of Project Runway's 'Unconventional Challenge', I really think it's best if we leave Ikea alone (with the exception of Opening Ceremony's adorable rendition of the bag). 

Let's pray that fashion stays far away from Ikea's Swedish meatballs. 

In the meantime, check out how Ikea eloquently responded to all of the biters :).

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  2. IKEA has been providing its customers the best quality of products that they can provide. Not to mention the fact that these product are also highly fashionable as well. The design of the bag featured above actually seems to be wearable for both men and women. I like how they tried to make designs that are applicable for both genders, it just show how genius IKEA can be when it comes to creating designs. Truly a remarkable brand, I’ll make sure to buy more of their products.

  3. IKEA's popular Frakta bags were originally designed by siblings Marianne and Knut Hagberg. They are made from synthetic material polypropylene, making them suitable for uses ranging from waste disposal to storage for clothes.
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