Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fashion: Sankuanz Reveals Edgy Sandals for Fashion Week

#SandalSneakers  #Literally

From Gucci's dad sneakers to Balanciega Crocs, the fugly footwear trend is dominating the coveted fashion industry. Vogue calls it a phenomenon, the masses don't understand it, and social media is loving it but will fashion fans follow the next big ugly trend?

Que the drum roll: ladies and gents, please put your hands together for the giant sandal. 

Unveiled at Paris Fashion week, Chinese label, Sankuanz, describes the design as "transformable sneakers that have an outer layer of protective sandal that you can enter Velcro into and you can strap them on or off."

This reminds me of my middle school days when kids would protect their crisp clean sneakers with by wearing plastic grocery bags over their shoes. Well, at a hefty price of $355, you can now shield your shoes the more fashionable way.

Would you cop or drop?

Honestly, I'm not mad at them. I'm kind of diggin it! Sure, they're strange and weird but so are bulky dad shoes and granola sandals. If Rihanna, Pharrell, or Kanye starts wearing them, they'll probably be the new HB trend.


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